Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Westin La Paloma

Although we were about to die of exhaustion and still weren't unpacked (from moving), we packed up Thursday morning and headed to Tucson for Jake's annual work retreat.

Brecklyn and Everett both slept most of the two hour car trip. 

We pulled up to the hotel lobby, Jake checked us in and then said: "OH NOOOOOOO! I forgot my suit jackets and shirts." 

That's probably not the best thing to do being the new guy. 

Immediately after we checked in Jake had a meeting. So he borrowed a shirt from a friend (luckily he remembered his suit pants!)

Later we all had a meeting and then had a nice BBQ outside. They even had balloon animals and face painting for the kids. 

We lost Brecklyn's pacifier. 

The next morning Jake had meetings until noon (and wore the same borrowed shirt from the day before!) and the spouses also had a meeting. (They had babysitting which Everett seemed to enjoy.)

Once Jake was done with his meetings for the day we all went swimming. LOL, Jake forgot his swim trunks too so he wore some tan shorts. 

We swam for a while and then decided it was time to get out. Jake got out first and I quickly realized his tan shorts were extremely see-through when wet!! YIKES!

I'm pretty sure he learned some valuable lessons on packing for vacations!

So we ran to Target for swim trunks, dress shirts, and pacifiers before dinner started. 

After dinner we enjoyed a movie by the pool. It was pretty sweet. 

The next day (Saturday) was much like Friday. 

Eat breakfast, play with friends, wait for dad to get out of meetings. 

 I took the kids on a stroller ride and they both fell asleep so I sat in the shade by the pool and let them sleep. When Brecklyn woke up we took some pictures...

 ... and then she ate her shirt. She's been trying to eat her clothes for a while now. 

We went swimming that afternoon and Everett kept asking where the big TV went (the projector screen they played the movie on the night before). That little boy LOVES his movies!

Saturday night was the awards banquet. Jake didn't get any awards (because it was for 2012) but he wrote down a few awards he'd like to get for next year. :)

(Us and the Millers)

Sunday morning we said good bye to the beautiful Westin La Paloma Resort and headed home... 


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  1. That's hilarious! I'm curious... did Jake help pack the kids or did you successfully pack three people and he could barely pack himself?? Because that would be my husband! :) Although I did forget my swimsuit on a vacation and when I bought one at walmart and put it on at the hotel it was a lot more revealing than I thought. I just stayed in the water.:)