Monday, July 8, 2013

A Tour Through Jake's iphone Pictures

Let's take a little tour through the pictures on Jake's iphone, shall we?!

Here's how Jake and Everett play with baby sister when I'm not around...

And it looks like they do this too... 

Here's his children doing weird things...

Haha, oh, and here's a great one. The mall train depot right in front of Victoria's Secret.

Here's Jakes BEAUTIFUL WIFE and family by the pool when they were still in Tucson, lol!

Apparently that beautiful wife of Jake's stole his phone and took a picture of herself wearing arm floating on the way to that above mentioned pool... with her very excited and wiggly son.  

This next one is the best. 

A little better... buuuuuuut not really!

Jake's wife also took this next picture. That would be me. His wife. The sugar, chocolate, whip cream, strawberry, and any-dessert-really loving wife. That would also be me since Jake only has (or will ever have) one wife. :)

On Jake's iphone you will also find a cute assortment of faces his baby daughter makes. 

And then this serious one that says: "You talkin' to ME?"

There's a picture of Baby Breckie with Jake's secretary (who's last name is Tyrell but pronounced TARE-UHL... weird) and a picture of Jake's wife (who's name is Tyrell but pronounced TY-RELL... not weird) and the sweetest 3 year-old boy who ate an ENTIRE huge slice of Costco pizza [with a fork because he hates dirty (der-wee) fingers]! Way to go Everett!

From the looks of it, Jake has a great life filled with adorable children and fun activities. The next pictures prove just that. An afternoon on the lake with work friends and a Saturday morning date with his little pal Everett. 

Oh, and he also has the funniest little girl ever. 

And cutest.

 So, that's what you'll find on Jake's iphone. 

Until next time,
The wife 

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  1. Haha I love that one of the dinosaurs congregating around her