Thursday, July 18, 2013

City Pool... Duck, Duck, Goose Egg

Everyone always told us July was the worst month to live here. 

They were right. 

It's pretty awful. 

So on Saturday we bought a punch pass and went to the city pool.

That's because our new house doesn't have a pool.

Just a backyard full of rocks, actually.

I've never been a huge fan of hanging out in public mostly-naked and swimming in the same water as a bunch of mostly-naked strangers... but I looked the pool up online and showed the pictures to Everett to see if he wanted to go. 

 And he said YEP! so we went. 

Everett had a blast. And I felt amazing about it. 

He played so good, was so brave going down the kid water slide, wanted to ride on a tube around the lazy river, and played and played and played on the splash pad for kids. 

We put him in his life jacket/swimsuit get-up and it was a good thing. Anytime other kids ran into him they just bounced off! It was pretty funny. 

And we even brought a picnic dinner. 

It kind-of looks like I'm not wearing a swimsuit in the last picture... but I was!!

The one major bummer was that Everett slipped and fell on the only spot that wasn't padded. It was the metal grate that the water drained through. 

Poor kid. 

This is the third giant goose egg he's had. One for every year of life.

It's starting to look better... I mean worse!

 Minus the bruise, aren't these two cute?! I love seeing them in pictures together. 

Anyways, it was a fun Saturday at the pool. Glad we went to swim with a bunch of strangers that wished they owned a pool too. 

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