Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FHE Explosion

The rainstorm that came on Sunday brought some cooler temperatures with it. It's only been 100 the last few days and it's nice (I can't believe I just said that!).

So last night (for FHE- whoop!) we went for a bike ride.  

Breckie too :)

There was like 50 kids on our road all on wheels. 

Bikes everywhere. 
Kids everywhere. 
And a few ramps.
It looks like there are twin boys around Everett's age a few houses down. 
This Fall should be interesting. They were crazy and Everett was interested. 

We got half way to the park before Everett ditched his bike and just starting running. The scooter took months to learn so I'm guessing the bike will take months too. 

After an hour of fun we went back home and made dinner. 

Strawberry slushy lemonade, salmon, red potatoes w/rosemary, and streamed broccoli. 
I'm pretty sure when Jake blessed the food he said, 'please bless it to be tasty' 
That's a prayer from a husband who's been deprived of real dinner for months!!

 And this is where the fun came to an abrupt stop.

Everett + WAAAAAY past bed time + picky eater + super-tired-of-these-games-mom = lots of loud, stern talking, some counting, plenty of crying, and a little boy who went to bed without anything to eat. 


That's not the first time nor the last. 
Although I with it were the last. 
Oh, I wish I wish I wish it were the last.  

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