Friday, July 5, 2013

First Fourth

This year was Everett's fourth 4th of July and he's still never been to a small town celebration complete with a candy throwing parade and up-close exploding fireworks. That's all I knew as a kid and I always LOVED it. But if he doesn't know the difference then why worry!

And of course this little sweetheart has no idea either :) 

So we just hung out in the little blow-up baby pool on the back porch, made lots of treats, and then had a BBQ with friends. 

HAHA! Love these two! They are only nice to each other and not crying when they're on the couch watching something. 

But we're nice to each other all of the time :)

WOW! Aren't these glasses flattering!

When it got dark we played in the street with some sparklers and pop its.

Jake and I both tried writing something... 

... since we couldn't handle that, we just made circles!

We had a great time celebrating the fourth with our friends. We even saw some big, fancy fireworks on the way home!

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  1. Tyrell! You are officially invited to come and have a small town, big parade, big fireworks fourth with us next year. You are right though, once Ev knows the difference there will be no going back! Looks like you had fun though! Those kebobs look delish, and Brecklyn couldn;t be more cute!