Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ice Lightning

Last night we went on a little family date to get some shaved ice. 

Jake got some wild concoction of Mt Dew, orange dreamcicle, and passion fruit. I got cake batter and root beer... not dirty snow like it looks!

We went as a family but both kids fell asleep on the way there so we stuffed our faces with shaved ice while they slept...

On the way home there was a huge lightning storm going on. It was so awesome. Jake commented that lighting was way cooler than fireworks and then literally half a second later someone let off fireworks. 

We laughed so hard. 

But you had to have been there! Everett was even laughing but had no idea why. 

Brecklyn only laughs when her Daddy tickles her ribs.

It was funny. 

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