Friday, July 12, 2013

Rollin' On 4 Months

Brecklyn is a whopping 4 months old. And just as cute as ever. 

The older she gets the cuter she gets... and the naughtier she gets too. 

Today was her check up and shots. She was NOT a fan of the shots. 

She hated the shots so bad. Truthfully, she cried harder and longer and WAY more ridiculous than when she was born. The nurse was being slow though, so I don't blame her. (I don't blame the nurse either, I'd hate to give shots to babies... but speed it up a little!)

This little baby is 13 pounds, 8 ounces (just about 50%), her head is exactly 50%, and her length was off the charts. Like over 110% which obviously isn't right so maybe I'll do my own measuring tomorrow. 

Supposedly at birth she was 21 inches and then 19.25 at her 3 day appointment. Same thing with Everett.

I scheduled the pediatric appointment for Everett's 3 year check up as well. I thought it would be a good idea. 95% of the appointment was about Everett so we didn't really talk about Brecklyn much at all. It was kind-of a mess. But she seems to be developing well. 

She rolls from her back to her stomach at least 30 times a day. I put those toys directly in front of her (when she was on her tummy) and then the next time I looked over she had either scooted or rolled away from them. Judging from the carpet lines I'm guessing she rolled... but I didn't see it so maybe she's capable of rolling both ways... I don't know. 

She rolls all around her bed. Spins circles, really. When we first moved in and hadn't put her bumper pad in her bed yet she was face down with and arm and a leg hanging out of the slats. Crazy girl. 

She's always sucking on her hands and still loves to look at herself in the mirror. Smiles every time. 

She STILL only drinks 2-3 ounces at a time. I swear I am feeding her all. day. long. All day. After 3 ounces she just makes out with her bottle. I can't get her to finish. 

She cries a lot more than she used to. 
Wants to be held all of the time.
Has slept through the night 5 times or less. 
Wants to be held and rocked sitting upright. 
Has an adorable laugh.
Wants to get her ears pierced. 
She is just a beautiful little thing. 

Hopefully she mellows out a tiny bit or she's going to get cranky baby status on her 5 month post...

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