Friday, August 2, 2013

A Sun Beep

I have a few funny things to write down. They might be funny to just me, but that's okay. 

I am the proud parent of a drool factory. A really cute one. 

She's also a booger factory. 

I can not believe the amount of boogers this little thing produces. We use the booger sucker several times a day. (I honestly believe we didn't use it, even once, on Everett.) 

So the other day Breckie was on Everett's bed while I was doing some booger extracting. Then Everett did something hilarious and grabbed his green oil can and pretended to stick it up his nose. 

One night Jake and I were laying in bed after the kids were asleep and we were doing what we normally do.... we were playing with our iPhones and looking at Facebook. Romantic right?! 

You know you do it too. 

Anyways, he showed me a picture of a kid with some sort of animal/squirrel on his back. I asked who that was and he said it was the kid of a girl he went to high school with. Then he said:

"I think she lives somewhere in the mid west or south."

"Jake, mid west or south? They're kind-of far apart"

"Oh, good thing I didn't say that to someone smart"

"Thanks Jake!"


Sometimes I sing Everett primary songs before bed instead of reading books. He can sing along to I Am A Child Of God a little bit (thank you nursery) and he started to try and follow along with Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam. But it went something like this:

"(mumblings)... A SUN BEEP"


Sometimes Everett and I will hover over Brecks and admire her. I said:

"Breckie is so pretty, isn't she?"

"Yep. Baby Breckie pretty, mom pretty, daddy pretty, me pretty"


I walked down the stairs ready for church last Sunday and Everett says:

"Ooooh, pretty dress mommy"

Isn't that the sweetest!! 


I've been kind-of super, crazy stressed out lately (it varies in intensity, lol) and Everett is really trying hard to play by his own rules (i.e. cereal for EVERY meal, staying up 18+ hours without sleeping, etc) so sometimes I get a little mad. Everett has really caught on to this. 

So in the morning when Everett asks for cereal and I say, "okay, can you get your spoon?" Everett will smile and say:

"Happy mom!"


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