Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Growing Up With Each Other

When we moved out here everyone said that one of the perks was that you could see the stars at night. 

So last night I went out there to check 'em out. 

I could find the big dipper... and that was about it. I've never been good at finding constellations. But being outside last night made me have a flashback to my childhood. 

My sister and I sleeping out on the trampoline... sometimes with our cousins... laughing and joking, telling stories, talking, pointing out constellations and watching shooting stars. 

Growing up with my sister was torture sometimes. 

But thinking about growing up without her would have been far worse. All of my favorite childhood memories are with her. She was (and is) the best. My life would seem empty without her. 

(WHAT!!?!?!!??! was going on with my bangs!!!)

Breckie may never have a sister and Everett might not ever have a brother but at least they have each other. And someday they will look back at all the good times they had together (although I can almost guarantee neither of them will remember playing in the pool together last Friday...)

But I though I'd at least get that awkward 'we were both naked together' picture. 

And then a few more pictures of how much Breckie loves Everett. 

And then a bunch of Breckie being Breckie...

I love the 'mom, I'm so bored right now' face!

(I realized that in a few of the pictures you could see her two bottom teeth coming in. It still makes me a little sad.)

Ha ha, there's that face again!

Hopefully I'll capture many more fun times they have together. I'm so grateful to have so many fun/funny pictures of my sister and I... hopefully they look back and laugh at these someday. 


  1. In the bang picture--/ Everett is your twin!!!!

  2. HAHA i was going to say EXACTLY what Jill said!!! I couldn't pick out who he looks like but after seeing that picture, he looks just like you!