Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lucky #7

Well we've made it through 7 years, 6 rentals, 5 cars, 4 jobs, 3 states, 2 beautiful babies, and 1 big house. And we're still happily married. 

I don't talk about how much I love Jake very much because we just go together. It just works. We don't really have to work at it. 

We were pretty much made for each other. He's my man and I'm his lady. 

And together we're having a love affair with sushi...

Jake is a little obsessed with guns so we went shooting too. 

My Dad gave me a gun when I was pretty little. I could shoot a squirrel out of a tree before I even had armpit hair.... and you know what, I've still got it (the skills and the gun!).  Just call me Annie Oakley.

This is from 25 yards... A little up and to the left but not bad at all. 

And, of course, Jake bought be lots of candy and gave me a funny card. I didn't give him a single thing.  This isn't the first time. (It's a good thing he doesn't keep a blog...) 

And just for the record, I love Jake so much I could spend eternity with him... It's a good thing I get to :)

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