Wednesday, August 28, 2013


            Our good friends from WA are in Vegas this week so we drove 
                       to Vegas see them for a few days.

                  The entire 6 hour drive was RAINY RAINY RAINY. 

The kids were pretty good travelers. 

The first night we decided to check out the strip. I kind-of had high expectations. Luckily it had stopped raining. And it was still warm out. 

I love warm nights. And pretty lights. 

We had a heck of a time trying to find a place to park. 

In all honesty, it took us a solid 5 hours to drive the strip, park, walk to the Bellagio hotel, see the fountain show, and get back to our car. 

Kind of ridiculous. But worth it. 

We walked through Caesars Palace and I thought that was pretty awesome. 

The kids loved it too. 

There were so many people in Caesars Palace. There were so many people everywhere. And it seemed like every escalator was broken. 

Whew, it was quite the experience. 

Everett pretty much fell in love with the twins. 
(p.s. Everett calls all little kids "boys")

He fell asleep on the way back to the hotel and then woke up at 3 am in the bed, yelled 'BOYS!', and ran to the door. It was pretty funny. 

The next day was awful. 

It rained and was muggy and gray and nasty. 

We were going to go to red rock canyon but there were flash flood warnings. 

So we ended up doing random things around town. Like stopping by a used record store to buy Everett Wreck-eee Ralph, check out the local Goodwill, and have some (SUPER DELICIOUS) Thai food. 

The Thai food was the only thing that saved the day (for me). 

We went back to the stip. 


(Everett and his "boys")

#1 It was gross and rainy out

#2 The strip is nasty in daylight

#3 It was just super gross

We tried to check out the Stratosphere but that was like a million $'s to do and the rides were closed, took the kids to Circus Circus which was super nasty... but we did watch a little show which was pretty cool.

We were going to check out the M&M place but the kids just wanted to go back to the hotel and swim. I don't blame them. I just wanted to go somewhere and wash my hands.... and then wash my eyes out too. Dirty, dirty Vegas. 

So we swam a lot. 

But I have zero pool pictures. 

In fact, every picture was taken from my phone. 

Until now. 

Nora + Breckie = cute cute cute! 

The last morning we swam and then got ready to check out the Hoover Dam. 

Apparently Mila didn't get the memo: yellow shirt, blue shorts!

Checking out the Hoover Dam was pretty awesome. 

There was a lot of Transformers talk between Jake and Vaughn (who's 12). 

I love that our kids are wearing the same (sad) expression. 

But really, it was pretty cool.

Just like her:

Then we drove down to the dam. 

(That's the bridge we were just on... looking down at the dam.) 

This is when we said our 'goodbyes' and put Everett back in our car. He'd been riding around with the Lays watching his new Wreck-ee Ralph movie all weekend.

We accomplished so much on this trip. 

We got to see our friends
I marked Vegas off my bucket list
Everett got to hang out with his boys
Jake and I talked about the next 5 years
We decided two things:
1. We want to have chickens someday
2. We are unsure how many children to have

Even though I think Vegas is pretty nasty now, I still had a great time. 

I love that we've been able to keep our friendships from WA and I love that we just pick up right where we left off. It's like we never even moved away. 

I love that. 

Until next time...

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  1. You should have told me first, I could give some pointers since I lived there for a year! A few things like
    -Don't drive the strip. Its usually just taxis/limos/buses. I never met anyone that has driven it and I know a lot of natives lol (though natives try to stay away from there)there are parallel roads that take you to the garages and walk from there
    -Don't do the strip in the daytime
    -Kids don't really belong there either
    -There are fun things for kids to do, you just have to know where they are (dolphin cove, water park, jousting show)
    -Hotels have parking garages and they're free, I could have located one for you in minutes
    -Its super dirty. Are the mexicans still handing out stripper cards at night? I wouldn't let my kids there.
    -The circus circus is where people sell drugs or the very poor drop their kids off daily as a "daycare" but you can get a giant cheap hot dog and strawberry shortcake there

    If you ever go back talk to me first and I can lead you to the more wholesome activities that you won't have to wash your eyes or bodies afterwards lol