Saturday, September 21, 2013

Brecklyn's Temple Art

*I have no idea what is happening to my pictures :( They are so light and bright and wonderful and then when I upload them or print them they are so dark! So just remember that.

How I made Breckie's temple picture. 

I spent some time looking at pictures of temples online. I thought about the Mt. Timpanogos temple because that is where Jake and I were married. 

So I held a piece of paper up to the computer screen and traced it!

But I decided that I wanted something more girly and decided on the Oakland temple.

I picked up 4 pieces of 1x4 (in) x10 (ft) at the lumber store and painted them white. 

I had Jake cut them all in half and then screw them together (using a 1x2 (in) piece of scrap wood on the back).

I wanted a shiny, beautiful temple... you know, like that real ones. I thought about using silver thumb tacks for the outline. I also found a roll of diamond-like papery stuff but ultimately decided on little diamonds (Joann- they were in the floral section. I think they are used for the bottoms of floral decorations/vases).

SO I just poured them out in the shape I wanted. 

It was a little too plain and not fancy enough so I left them there and pained sage green all around the outside temple outline. 


It still needed something more, so I sanded the green down a little so let the white come through a little and some of the natural wood. Then I used the stencil from the wall (that I actually hadn't even used yet) and painted that on top of the sanded green.

Then I took some glue (pictured above) and just haphazardly smeared it on where I wanted the diamonds and re-sprinkled them on!

Once it was on the wall it was still lacking something. 

(her room in progress...)

So we bought crown moulding from the lumber store and Jake cut it and attacked it for me. 

Then the temple picture was perfect. I just had to finish the rest of the room. 

Her room is absolutely beautiful in real life. You'll just have to come over and see it.


  1. I can't get over this whole room!! It is so gorgeous!! Have you ever sent any of your stuff to the blog better after? You should!

  2. A huge thanks for this :) I can't wait to try out the girls room art!

  3. I seriously love both rooms soooo much! You really are inspiring! And also your kids are adorable! Nice job all the way around!

  4. This is awesome! Seriously come help me! I'm a great worker... I just need the ideas!! :)

  5. Such a lovely room! Did you make the stencil or did you buy it somewhere? I love it!