Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Everett's Room (Part 5!)

I love that our kids are small enough that they still let me pick out their clothes and decorate their rooms. I'll be sad someday when I'll have to give that up. But for now, I love it. Here is Everett's room. 

Just like Everett's room in the last house we bought... his room was pink when we first moved in. 

It took me a while to decide on the right color for his room and I think I made a good choice. But before I painted, I had to sand off those stripes. I'm so thankful there were only two lines to sand... I couldn't imagine an entire wall of them!

Most of Everett's decorations stayed the same. I added his initials to the wall. Someday we'll have a bookshelf for all of those books below them!!

 (lol, I need to dust!)

(Both of the kids have these fancy walk-in closets)

All of the wood in his room is dark brown... not black.

I LOVE the bright colors in his room. I really wanted to get this green fabric for Everett's curtains (and get a green pillow for his bed) but it was like 7 million dollars a yard so I just chose navy blue. 

A while ago I decided that I really wanted a temple in Everett's room but was trying to figure out a way to tie it into his vintage car themed room. 

I thought and thought and thought and finally I came up with this:

It's the new Gilbert AZ temple.

I made it out of our old license plates. If you look closely you will see angel Moroni at the top! He was the skier from the Utah plate. I'm a genius. 

And before he walks out of his room he'll be reminded who he is. (... well, maybe someday when he can read :)


  1. I just love it all, especially the license plate temple- pure genius!

  2. What a fun room, where did you get the cars?

  3. Coming over from Better After. The room is beautiful, calming, yet fun. I love it!

  4. This is inspirational. I love it! I get to do my grandson's room, and this is a wonderful example.