Friday, September 6, 2013

Pup-Takes And Tookies

Everett is such a good kid. 

He really is. 

He is talking so much these days and it's great. 

Like most kids, Everett doesn't really eat a wide variety of food. On the GIANT list of foods he doesn't like is nuts and/or nut butters. 

In my attempt to get him to eat nuts I spread the tiniest bit of peanut butter in his jelly sandwiches and I also spread almond butter in celery and put mini chocolate chips on top. 

Then the other day I found a recipe for almond flour muffins

So I stuck some almonds in my blender to make flour, added eggs (which Everett also refuses to eat) and a few other ingredients and then the cutest, little almond flour muffins were born. 

And Everett loves them. 

He calls them pup-takes. (Cupcakes)

When I picked him up from preschool the other day he found a pup-take wrapper in his carseat and wanted to go home and make pup-takes. 

He fell asleep as we pulled into the driveway. 

So today we made up for it and made tookies (cookies). And after we ate loads of whole wheat-oatmeal-raisin-walnut cookie dough we danced around the house to One Direction playing blaring on Pandora while they baked.

It was epic. 

You should have been there. 

And then we got nice and sweaty kicking the giant exercise ball around the house. 

It was great. These are most definitely my favorite days with Everett. 

I will be so sad when these days don't exist anymore. 

But, for now, I will LOVE them!

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