Friday, September 27, 2013

So This Is Life (Chapter 2)

Although "So This Is Life (Chapter 1)" was a sad, whiny, loooong post about what my life was like 2.5 months ago... chapter 2 is much different. 

I've gained a wealth of knowledge in the last 75ish days. Mostly about food and how is severely impacts my life but that will have to be chapter 3 because I don't have enough time to type it all out now (and it's complicates and I'm still working out the kinks). 

So here's chapter 2. 

My hip is still wonky. Lame. One hip is almost an inch lower than the other and my whole pelvis is twisted. Double lame. (Lame lame.) So I'm still going to the chiropractor multiple times a week. Everyone in the office adores my children so it's not a big deal. 

I made jam. Strawberry and peach/mango. 

I can't get enough of these two:

Well, actually I can... but not really. You know what I mean. 

It's 'fall break' from preschool and I've learned that life + preschool = HAPPY LIFE!!

I swear that Everett and I are the same person sometimes. Just 23 years apart and different genders. He needs structure and people and preschool gives that to him. Without preschool we are like two beta fish in the same fish bowl. 

We have arrived at the throw-a-GIANT-fit-in-public-and-I-just-don't-care stage. Complete with the hitting, yelling, screaming, kicking, timeouts, and getting locked in your room. 

The fits are quite exhausting as you can see :)

This was after a 15 minute freak-out that the library didn't have the Chipmunk movie that he wanted. HOLY DISASTER!!!!!!!! I recorded some of it on my phone as we were driving home from the library. I've developed this amazing talent of level-headedness coupled with humor during these tantrums. I'm getting pretty good at it :) 

I'm loving having two kids. Really loving it. 

But you know what I ABSOLUTELY can't stand about myself? I can't just live and be happy with what I have without thinking and planning for the future. 

I'm constantly thinking things like: Are we going to have three? Can I have two and be pregnant again? Could I handle three? If I had one more kid right now how would life be different? Would I be able to do this? Or this? I always thought we'd have three... what if we only have two? What happens when they are grown... will I wish we had more?


I drive myself crazy. 

And sometimes I'm like: JUST HAVE ANOTHER BABY ALREADY SO YOU STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!!!!! But the truth is, I'm super happy with two. I only want two. Why mess with it. Heaven knows I'm not good at being pregnant. And then I repeat all the questions again and I drive myself nuts. 

Lol, maybe include me in your prayers tonight :) It might sound something like this: "Please help Tyrell to stop thinking about having any more children than the two she already has. Or magically make her conceive or become infertile so she doesn't have a choice. Amen"

That would be great.


Breckie is Mrs. Army Scooter and gets around quite well. Her shirts are pretty dirty these days. 

My birthday is coming up and I LOVE birthdays!!!). Breckie and I were at BB&B creating a 'birthday registry', if you will. She was quite happy with the experience. 

Today we were playing at the park and I just couldn't stop taking pictures of her. 

Could I love a baby girl anymore?! I don't even know if I want to find out... and then we're right back to the 'how many kids are we going to have' issue. 

Sometimes you just want to know really important things about your future like how many kids you'll have.

And we have arrived at the conclusion of Chapter 2. 

Until next time... you'll include me in your prayers, right?!


  1. I'm not meaning this to tell you what to do but just as advice that has helped me--- my mom always says to me-- be happy with what you have now and stop wishing your life away. I am always thinking "what's the next thing I can do or have" and I have missed out on things in the here and now. Don't worry isn't brecklynn only 6 months?? You have a ton of time to decide if you want another! No rush

  2. Ok... so you know, you are totally not crazy. I have FOUR kids. And every day, I still wonder... "is there a #5? Probably, but I tell other people no... but when are we gonna have 'em....??? I wish I felt like we were done... and maybe we are, but I'm not so sure." That thought process nearly, if not absolutely, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And SINCE I have FOOOOOUR KIDS!!! (freak out) I need prayers too! I won't claim I need them more then you, because I remember two, and two was crazy too. Two was crazy, three was crazy, and four is nuts.... but truthfully, it's all wonderful. Every little baby melts your heart and each of your children will make you think "how did we live life without this angel?!" I have good days, I have bad days. And I've come to this conclusion to help me with my child obsession.... I hate pregnancy. So IF and WHEN, the thought of being pregnant makes me remotely happy again, then maybe its about time to be crazy again. ---I really hope you like my little answer-rants, cuz IF I could, I'd totally drive over to your place and have this conversation with you in person. I feel like we kinda mesh well in these areas. The end.