Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Tale Of Ironhyde

A few weeks ago some friends invited us over for dinner. 

Everett fell asleep on the way over there and ended up sleeping on their couch... the entire evening. He woke up as we were leaving. 

So he didn't get to play with their 'boys'. 

But it's okay. Because we ate great food, played with their tortoise and the new hatchlings, ate several bowls of homemade ice cream and played games. It was a great night. 

Before we knew it we were on our way back to their house a few days later to buy a hatchling. 

Jake was in love.... 

So he built a box in our backyard for the baby tortoise that we'd soon own. 

We brought him home and played with him for a night.  We named him Ironhyde. 

The next morning we were hanging out in the frontyard (where we have grass and the tortoise eats grass and his box in the backyard didn't have grass yet). He was in a cardboard box with the bottom punched out. 

We checked on him throughout the day. 

Everett loved him and Breckie liked him, too. 

Then we went to check on him and he was missing!! 


We searched the neighborhood, talked to neighbors, put up signs on the mailboxes, and felt really super dumb for not bringing him inside. 

We missed Ironhide.

We didn't even have him for a full 24 hours before he ran away. Everett kept asking for his turtle. 

Then a few days later we got a phone call. Someone found a tortoise in our neighborhood!!

But it wasn't our tortoise. :(

Sad day. 

So we did the next best thing. We bought Ironhide's brother and named him Ironhyde.  

We feel complete again. We're back to being a family of five. 

(Munchin' on some lettuce!)

 (Breckie hangin' out in the tortoise box.)

Assuming this Ironhyde won't run away... we'll have him forever. He will be HUGE someday. Like the tortoises we saw at the Phoenix Zoo last year. Hopefully we'll have him so long that he outlives us. That's a long time. 

But I'm pretty sure Breckie will take good care of him for us... she's a good big sister so far. 

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    Hi, you've got the funnest stuff to read and your kids are adorable. Mine are grown, so I waiting on grandkids. Anyway, I'm sure you know, but thought I'd share, turtles have salmonella and you've got to be so careful they don't put their hands in their mouths after touching them. Thanks for sharing your life, sorry about the lost turtle, lol KathyL in ohio