Monday, September 16, 2013

This Kid

Everett is so awesome. 

Every preschool day he comes home with his name written on a strip of paper. It's so cute to think of him sitting at his desk holding a pencil and tracing his name. I love it.

Just like all things 'parenthood' some things go by way too fast and some things seem to drag on forever... so I need to write some things down before I forget or he grows out of them.

Things Everett says and what they mean.

Yummy Tea = Lightning McQueen
Mary = Mater
Boppy = Diaper
Deary = Cereal
Puptake = Cupcake
Bop = Stop
Pewy = Computer
Chickie Nuggies
Wawee = Water
Bippy pup = Sippy cup
Pitzee Door = Costco (pizza store!)
Bwapes = Grapes

He doesn't have nicknames or baby words for things... that is him legitimately trying to say what he means and I think it's adorable because he's trying. 

He obviously can't say his S's and anything that should end in 'er' ends with a y/ie/ey for Everett. He'll also put the ends of words at the beginning (pup/cup). 

He had speech therapy preschool once a week but a few weeks ago they put him in the 4 day/week program. So he goes to preschool everyday and twice on Mondays (because I already had him enrolled in a separate preschool). 

One day after school we took him to Baskin-Robbins for their after-school ice cream special.... which happens to be right next to Jake's office. Lucky us. 

I love having Everett is school. He is learning so much more than I could ever teach him. He behaves well at school and seems to be catching on. 

Now the part of parenthood that I would LOVE to be done with is the bedtime and brushing teeth blowout explosions every night! It would be nice to just brush teeth, read some stories, say prayer, and turn out the light and be done. But it goes on much, much longer than this!!!

Oh well, someday he will be all grown up and we will look back and laugh. 

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