Monday, October 7, 2013

My 27th Birthday

Soooooo... I LOVE my birthday. 

I don't know why, but I just love it!!

Actually I do know why. I love knowing that people love me. And think I'm special is some way to them. I love guessing what my gifts will be. And by guessing I pretty much mean being a detective and trying to figure out every single detail. Jake is horrible about keeping secrets and surprising me but he still manages to sometimes. 

But anyways, Friday night the Miller's got us a babysitter and we all went out for sushi. 

During dinner Julia and I decided that we're going to take a girls trip to Knots Berry Farm someday. It's going to be epic. 

After dinner we went back to their house and had a super fancy, awesome cheesecake that Jake decorated!

It's what he came up with after I took this birthday cake survey!

The candles were very melty! 

Breckie snuck a Kit Kat and ate the whole thing before anyone noticed!!

My actual birthday was today. (But I celebrate for as long as I can so I start early!)

This morning Jake let me sleep in. Everett came running into our room at 7:15 yelling "happy burthsday Mom!" BEST WAY TO START YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

It was great. Then I walked downstairs to find birthday decorations (and Jake feeding Brecks!). 

Julia had made birthday decorations and all kinds of birthday treats for me!! Snickerdoodles, crumb top muffins, and homemade Reeses. I couldn't ask for a better friend!!

I'm humbled by what a good friends she is to me. I seriously don't deserve her. 

She even made a giant birthday poem that describes me perfectly! I think I'll hang it up next year too since I will be 28 NEXT year :)

So my morning was great. I had ham and eggs and all kinds of birthday treats. After our walk (and mowing the lawn and pulling weeds in the warm sunshine) Everett snuck some snickerdoodles and left his dirty little fingerprints as proof! I asked him if he has some cookies and he said "Yep mom. Two!"

We had naps and preschool and then picked Jake up from work and went to REI just for fun. We flipped through hiking, camping, and rock climbing books and bought two local climbing maps. (and I made mental notes on what to get Jake for his birthday since he TOTALLY delivered for mine.)

He got me a new iPhone. My last one was destroyed. The front and back have been shattered since miniature golfing in February. It will be nice to look at my phone and actually SEE things and touch it and not get glass shards in my fingers!

After REI we went to Cafe Rio but drove through McDonalds first to get Everett a happy meal. And let this be the day we always remember that he ate all of his food!! whoop whoop. 

I had a wonderful birthday. I feel so blessed to have such a great life.

(This video is worth watching to find out what my favorite color is according to Everett :)

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