Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Picnic At The Park

Breckie and I packed a picnic lunch before picking Everett up from preschool. 

And then we took him to the park and ate our lunch.... in the most perfect picnic weather ever. 

We ate our lunch and then played. (Breckie's really been into eating what we're eating. She totally ate turkey wraps too!)

Breckie's first time swinging. She laughed and then whimpered a little... then laughed.... whimpered...

There was another boy that was there and Everett was so interested in playing with him. My heart almost leapt out of my body with pure joy because for years Everett has been sooo shy and would just cry and avoid all of the other kids. Now he's the one that says (and I quote) 

"Hi boys, what are you doing here!"

Haha, he's so great! There's two reasons why I love what he said: 

#1. He calls all kids 'boys' and recently he's been calling Jake and I 'boys' or 'guys'. We were working in the yard the other night and Everett kept calling at us: "hey boys.... hey guys..."

#2.  One time, long ago, Everett and I were playing cars and I (in my Mater voice) said "Hi Lightning McQueen, what are you doing here..." and now he says that to everyone all of the time. I can only imagine what the other kids think when he excitedly greets them to the park with this phrase! The other kids are probably like: "um... I'm at the park.... to play...what are YOU doing here?"

After two hours we packed up and went home. 

It was a great day to be at the park and just a great day in general. I love these kids!

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