Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rock Climbing And Other Adventures

I think we all marry our spouses for lots of different reasons but one major reason why I married Jake was for his sense of adventure. I've always dreamed of doing so many things... and so has Jake. But for Jake he dreams about them and then he does them. AND I LOVE THAT!!!

Thanks to Jake, we've gone on many adventures together. 

Our very first 'unofficial' date was dirt biking at a gravel pit in Idaho. 

Our first real date was rock climbing in Provo Canyon.

He proposed to me with a ring and a dirt bike. 

On our first wedding anniversary we went downhill mountain biking. 

He took me snowboarding for the first time. 

He bought me my first snowboard. And longboard

We've gone sledding...


... fishing...






...wake surfing and wake boarding...

...we've gone to the sand dunes...

... we've even gone sand boarding. 

We've been up in a glider plane...

...and someday we'll even go kite surfing on the water and stop pretending on the sand!

Now that I'm not pregnant and it's not 100 degrees anymore we decided it was time to start our adventures again. We've always talked about doing adventures with our kids someday too so the other night when we picked up some rock climbing maps at REI we bought a kids harness too!!

We had no idea that Everett would love it so much!

I'm pretty sure we are the coolest parents ever. And Everett has no idea!

Jake has been working quite a few Saturdays lately so he took this morning off and we went rock climbing. 

We went to Queen Creek Canyon which was only 45 min from our house and a really pretty drive. Score!

We left Breckie with our friends and brought Everett along. Just making sure one child didn't fall off the cliff was enough. I'm pretty sure this is a grave stone:

We pulled over on the side of the road and walked the 'old phoenix highway' to the climbing routes. 

Right after the old tunnel were some good routes for us. 

All of the routes we could find were 'lead climb' only. Pretty much you start climbing and hook into the rock as you go and if you fall then you could fall a loooong ways because there are only a few places to hook in to. 

I've never been lead climbing. I'd rather go when someone can top rope the climb. Jake can lead climb but you need someone on the ground (the person belaying) that is about your same size or bigger because if they are a lot lighter they could basically be catapulted if you fall. (It happened the only time I've ever belayed Jake on a lead climb and I ended up in a tree). 

So we almost had no choice but for me to lead climb. 

I was ready to try. 

We let Everett play games on the phone and sat him in the shade. He took a few pictures too. 

Jake kept reminding me over and over how far I would fall and the dangers but we only had two choices. It was me or him. 

So I started climbing. 

I didn't realize how terrified I'd be. Honestly, I was freaked out. The climb was pretty hard for me. Plus I had Jakes voice in the back of my head reminding me exactly how far I'd fall if I fell....

I'm pretty sure I whispered just as many prayers that I'd make it up the rock as I did the morning Breckie was born

It took me an hour and there were times when my legs were shaking soooooo bad. I wanted to quit several times but I literally didn't have a choice. 

Luckily I made it. 

I freaking did it.

I felt pretty dang good about it too.

Everett climbed around a little and then Jake went up. 

While Jake was climbing he kept on telling me how amazing I was. I don't think he realized how hard of a climb it was until he went up. It always looks so much easier from the ground. 

So I'm pretty pumped. 

I did it. I didn't die. I can cross if off the bucket list (although it honestly was never on my bucket list!)

I'm pretty excited for our next adventure!


  1. i can't believe you did that in your house! that rocks!

  2. So awesome! You're a freakin rock pun intended ;-) Someday we need to go on our adventures together!

  3. Love it Tyrell!!! LOVE!!!