Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spring, Summer, Fall, and October

October has always been the best month. Everyone knows that. 

Here are some highlights from October and why it's like Spring and Fall and Summer all at the same time!

October brings the perfect temperatures... you know, so we can actually go outside and not melt :) We've been playing outside a lot and if feels like Summer. 

(Playing on the back patio)

While our front yard has grass... our backyard still looks like an ugly wasteland. Our entire backyard was covered in rock and there was a fire pit dug right in the middle. So we've been moving rock and bricks and fire pits and it's been a lot of work. Jake has been doing most of the work because he's got most of the muscles.  

At least our neighbors have some nice trees!

We managed to get one garden 'box' ready for seeds. 

Which brings me to why it feels like Spring a little. I planted brussel sprouts, green beans, carrots, onions, and spinach in the first box. 

A few days later we got another box ready and I planted 7 more vegetables. I'm pretty excited for my garden to grow. 

Jake put in a sprinkler system and we've designed and re-designed our backyard at least a dozen times. I kept changing things up on him and he was getting t-i-c-k-e-d so we discussed it a few times. But honestly, if we can survive a great room remodel, we can survive a backyard remodel no problem!

Brecks and I hung out at the nursery and Home Depot one day while Ev was at school. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, fig, cherry, and palm tree. And a tree to provide shade, three vegetable garden boxes, a fire pit, a compost pile, chickens, and grass... I'll let you know how it goes!

We built our fire pit a few weeks ago and have been roasting some tasty things out there on warm nights. It's been nice. 

So October has been pretty full of playing and planting and yard work... and I've been super busy too. I got an MRI on my hip to see what is going on and ________ ?!?!? NOTHING showed up. Everyone is so confused, including myself. I feel like I should be on that Mystery Diagnosis show. The only result that came out of it was that the front pubis bone is slightly fused together which is most likely due to growing giant babies in small spaces. 

But I got to wear some fancy shorts and experience how loud and claustrophobic an MRI is. 

I've also been canning. A lot. 

I've canned pineapple, pears, asparagus, and pickled asparagus. 


I feel pretty good about my new skills! Whoop whoop!

A pressure canner is on the Christmas list so I can do lots of other cool stuff :) Plus, Jake make me watch World War Z with him last night (about zombies) and I felt a little better knowing that we could live on some tasty home-canned food for a day or two before we died, lol!

So October has been pretty jam-packed but we couldn't skip pumpkins and caramel apples. 

We carved the pumpkins that my mom brought us from her garden. Everett wasn't even a little bit interested in carving a pumpkin. He smacked 36 tennis balls into our dirt backyard while we carved our pumpkins. 

I thought for sure he'd love making caramel apples. 

Haha, nope. It was more of a crying fest while eating Oreos. 

So Jake and I made caramel apples... the ugliest caramel apples ever!! With corn cob sticks, even!! It makes me wonder how in the world we made these BEAUTIFUL apples two years ago!

Even though we didn't make it to a local pumpkin patch this year (or even last year!) Everett is still enjoying one MAJOR aspect of Fall. 

Pumpkin pie. 

This little boy loves him some pumpkin pie! 

 We've already gone through two Costco pumpkin pies. Oh, and a Costco cheesecake. Oh dear. 

And Breckie? She's just being her awesome self. She's army crawling everywhere and is a pillow bulldozer. She can climb up the first step on the stairs and it freaks me out whenever I see her standing over on the stairs!

So that's why October has rocked. All four seasons of it... my birthday, Summer, Spring, and Fall! There's still more to come... a wedding and Halloween!

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