Friday, November 22, 2013

Best Days... Going So Fast

I was talking to my Dad the other day and he asked me how it was going. I said, "good... great... just really, really busy." And then I was trying to figure out why I was so busy. 

And then I thought about how our days go.

Monday: Everett has preschool starting at 8:30... then I pick him up, feed him lunch in the car, and then drop him off at his other school and then pick him up 2 hours later. We get home at 3. Then play. 

Tuesday & Thurday: bootcamp at the park with neighborhood ladies in the morning while our kids play at the park. BEST THING EVER!!!!!!! It's free and fun and Everett plays amazing with the other kids. Then we run home, shower, eat lunch and take Everett to school. I usually go to the store or chiropractor on the way home and then eat lunch, feed Breckie, do a chore (laundry, water the garden, clean the house, make dinner...) and then go and get Everett. Then we have from 3 until Jake gets home to play. 

Wednesday: Preschool from 8:30-12:30. I usually bring him lunch and then we go play at a park. Or we go to the library. But usually both. 

Friday: The only day of the week that we don't have anything planned for the morning. Just school from 12-2:30 and then play the rest of the day. 

I absolutely love how busy we are. 

This time last year I feel like I was dying for something to do. I signed Everett up for 4 parks and rec classes just to get us out of the house. The first two classes were such epic failures that I cancelled the second two.  

I was miserably pregnant with a 2 1/2 year old and nothing to occupy our time. 

Now we are so busy and we have so much fun. This stage in my stay-at-home-mom life is really great. Like yesterday. 

It was Thursday so we went to bootcamp at the park. 

Ran home, make Everett some banana-pumpkin-egg pancakes and then he helped me make dinner while Breckie took her morning nap. Showered, we did Everett's 'homework':

(lol, they are doing a few lessons on caring for other and this was our agreement to hug eachother every day:)

...took Everett to school, came home, fed Breckie:

...watered the garden:

(lol, and the weeds)

...played with Breckie while it's just the two of us:

(I've been teaching her 'fishy lips' and she can totally do it!! I just need to get a picture)

Then picked up Everett from school while she took her 'afternoon nap'

Once Everett was home we made cookies for Everett's service project. 

We killed flies. Mid-air, even. Just call me the fly destroyer:

Played in the mud while mom was checking on the cookies and killing flies:

(but you know me, I probably would have PUT them in the mud!)

Played with the water table:

Ran after Everett (literally) all around the neighborhood. Everett and Breckie love it!

Stopped at the park to play while Breckie watched us... with mud on her face still:

Ran home, made Rhett a 'get well soon' card, fed Breckie, Jake came home, put Breckie to bed, ate dinner, took dinner to Rhett's family, and then Everett went to bed. 

Phew. Our days are so very, very busy. I honestly love it. Part of me wants to freeze time and just enjoy this stage in my life forever. I love this. (I guess that's why I blog... to 're-live' these days someday when they're gone)

I totally see how everyone says that once your kids get in school times just goes by so fast. It really does. Some days I look forward to the next holiday just to have a free day to play with friends... but we can always do that on Saturday. 

Time goes by so fast when you're having fun :)

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