Tuesday, November 12, 2013

GRRRRR....Eight Months

Breckie is eight months old. 

She can sit, crawl, plank, stand, squat, hold a bottle, cry, laugh and GROWL. She's been growling for months and months and months but I keep forgetting to mention it. We have "growling" conversations and it's fantastic. I have one recorded on my phone. 

People are always surprised to hear her growl because she's such a cute little person!

Can you see the bottom of that pencil sharpener in mid-air? It's because she likes to throw toys and then go and get them... she kind-of plays catch with herself... and she growls?!! (But she's not a puppy!)

I didn't really take very many pictures of her this month. I think it's because she's getting so much harder to take pictures of. These were about 3 weeks ago...

I didn't post them because they weren't anything extra special.... although I could swear the third picture down is a picture of my older sister when she was a baby. 

Speaking of look-a-likes, I kind-of feel like Everett is mine and Breckie is Jakes. She even has his eyebrows!

She has this terrible habit of scratching her face. It happens a lot. 

She mostly wears Everett's old pajamas... occasionally you will find her in "girl" pajamas. 

Everett loved the bouncer. He would jump all of the time and was in there all the time. Breckie doesn't really like it. The only part of the bouncer she even likes is the teething toy... which was the only part Everett didn't like!

(Breckie trying on a pirate earring) 

She goes to bed between 5 and 6:30 pm and sleeps until 6 or 6:30 am. She takes a morning and afternoon nap. Most of the time the afternoon nap is a short one on the way home from Everett's preschool. This month she has been really good at sleeping through the night. She'll go to bed and then wake up about two hours later for a bottle and then sleeps until morning. Way to go Breckie!!

I'm not really even sure when she stopped taking a pacifier. Maybe around 5 months. I guess it's a good thing as long as she isn't on an airplane! And seeing how hard it was to break Everett of his pacifier I think she's doing us a favor. 

She loves to chew on keys. She's really wiggly and squirmy. 

She's still a good eater!

She still doesn't really have any hair. Maybe someday. 
(Ironically Everett had tons of hair at 8 months:)

But this post is about Breckie... 

Breckie, you are wonderful. You are like sunshine. 


  1. Hahaha oh my gosh look at Everett at 8 months!!! They are total opposites! They don't even look alike lol

  2. She is so beautiful! I share with my sister, because our kids are older and I'm sorta waiting for grandchildren now (even though I'm very young, lol)
    I did want to say...without upsetting you....only for her good....does her mattress on her crib need lowered? It seems like it might be possible for her to flip out? I know it might just be the picture and in real life she isn't tall enough, so you can tell me to mind my own business if you want.
    Anyway, thanks for listening and sharing your sweet children, it really brightens the day. Thanks, Kathy L.

  3. Ketcher is looking at this with me and says "she is beautiful!"