Monday, November 4, 2013


Jake has 5 sisters. And one of them got married in WA last week so we flew to be at the wedding. 

It was quite the trip. 

We got on the plane Monday afternoon. And that's when the adventure started. Both kids fell asleep on the way to the airport and we had to wake them up to put the stroller and car seat through the baggage x-ray. So that was pretty much game over right there for happy kids. 

But they had a little play area where Breckie crawled around and Everett ate lunch. 

We were the first ones on the plane. In the second to last row. Breckie loved the blowing air.

That was the last time Jake and I smiled for at least 18 hours! 

Breckie was a punk. 

She finally fell asleep (on our 80th attempt) for about 20 minutes. Jake really had to work some magic for it too. 

But we survived. Even if barely. It was a beautiful evening flying into Seattle and the views from the airplane were breathtaking. Seriously gorgeous

Jake's parents picked us up and then one of his sisters (Mariah) made me leftover Kahlua pork with cabbage and rice. My favorite. 

We went to bed late just to have a sleepless night and wake up early. But we woke to a BEAUTIFUL clear day. It was Gorgeous. Everything was gorgeous. Even the views on the freeways were pretty!

It was the morning Brianna and Michael were getting sealed in the Seattle temple and we were on our way to be there. 

We passed a few of our old houses and the hospital Everett was born in.  

Traffic was bad (which is typical) but we made it to the temple on time!! Jake squealed the tires on the mini van a few times. It was awesome. 

Those were all views from the car! I love how pretty the temples are. Even the parking lot is pretty!

Brianna and Michael have been dating for about 3 years and she patiently waited for him while he served his mission in Brazil. 

Their temple ceremony was special and I got a little teary eyed when Michael and his dad both started to cry. It reminded me of when Jake and I were sealed and I kind-of wanted to go back in time and be newlyweds again.... especially since traveling with kids was such a nightmare!

While they were taking wedding pictures, one of Jake's sisters (April) took some pictures of the four of us and then Everett and I walked around in the chilly morning air taking pictures of the temple. 

The Fall colors were so beautiful. 

I loved that they planted flowers and vegetables in the temple gardens. They had purple kale, beets, and cabbage. 

Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut for all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. 

Pepperoni pizza in one of the only foods Everett will eat. He'll also eat cereal and cookies :)

I remember going to the Pizza Hut buffet with my Dad as a kid and I always loved the dessert pizza. I haven't had it in probably 15-20 years so I ate two pieces to make up for it!!

We got back to Jake's parents house by early afternoon and just played the rest of the day. Breckie learned how to stand and spent the majority of 'playtime' on this toy. 

Everett and Jake played outside (IN THE FREEZING COLD) for a while. Everett had a blast on the tree swing with Grandpa. They hid rotten apples with golf clubs and played on the homemade teeter totter. 

I checked out the garden (what was left of it, anyways) and soaked in all the WA beauty I could get. 

Wednesday I helped Pam frost sugar cookies for the wedding reception but I mostly just ate lots of frosting. Then Jake and I got the kids ready to take some family pictures. I have been so excited to take family pictures. It's been two years since we took these and I want some updated pictures with Breckie too. She makes us look good!

Getting the kids ready was so frustrating. We honestly weren't even doing anything more than just trying to get them dressed. They were both being SO NAUGHTY!!!!! and I decided that it didn't matter how amazing the pictures turned out that I would still look at them and get mad remembering how hard it was trying to get them ready. 

But then Crystal posted this one of FB and I instantly changed my mind. Maybe it was worth it after all. 

I'm really excited to see the rest of them. 

Since Everett is so picky and won't ever eat/try anything new he didn't eat lunch. He fell asleep on the way home from taking pictures and then woke up that night throwing up nothing. This the the 4th time he's ever thrown up and every time it's from not eating. So weird. 

So that was another sleepless night. 

Thursday morning I helped Pam decorate cake pops for the wedding reception. This time I actually did more decorating than frosting eating.... just kidding. 

After Breckie's nap we went to visit a few old work friends and that felt good. Really good. Then we took Everett to Costco for some pepperoni pizza before going to Jake's sister's house (Amber) for Halloween dinner and trick-or-treating. 

Everett and Enoch got along so well. They both really like cars and planes, both had/have to go to speech therapy, and they were both pirates this year for Halloween.

Everett had a lot of fun trick-or-treating. It was one of the major highlights for me to see how much he loved it. One house even gave him a full size candy bar. I probably had 20 pieces of candy that night. At least. 

Breckie was a punk. She would only take her morning nap and refused to take her afternoon nap and didn't go to bed until 10 or 11 every night. It was exhausting and by Thursday night I was so tired. Plus not sleeping in your own bed is hard. And then waking up RIGHT after you finally fall asleep to make ANOTHER bottle because your baby won't take a pacifier... I was ready to give her away!!

Friday morning everyone but me, Everett, and Breckie went to the church building to decorate for the wedding reception. So I cleaned the house and did laundry while Breckie took her morning nap and Everett watched Toy Story.

When Breckie woke up we went to help. Pam ran to the store for a few things and brought back 50% off Halloween candy. So I ate some. 

Later we stopped by to say Hi to some friends. We were so exited to see them (even though it really feels like we never left because of blogs and FB) but Everett was being ridiculous and completely ruined the visit. 

He wouldn't get out of the car and come inside. He was too hungry. So I made him a sandwich and brought it out to him but he'd only eat it in the car. So I just left him out there. 

I was so done. 

After a few minutes Jake went to check on him and brought him inside. Then he started to play with some of their little boys' toys and FREAKED out whenever their little boy even looked at them. 

It was embarrassing and awful. Everett had a full on giant meltdown so we only stayed for a few minutes. 

The happy news is that we had a babysitter and dinner planned with more friends. I was more than happy to leave my kids with a babysitter and hang out with our long-time friends. Jake has been friends with Dennis for 20+ years and they're pretty much family to us. Too bad we didn't get a picture with them. But I did get a picture of my blackened salmon :) which was delicious. 

While I was talking to Crystal over dinner I noticed my throat was hurting more and more and my voice was getting raspy. But mile-high mud pie makes everything better so that's what Jake and I had for dessert. It's like a crime for us to go to the RAM and not eat mile-high mud pie (it's like 80x's better than Red Robins).

I thought for sure that I'd just pass out that night from sheer exhaustion but I didn't. However, I did wake up Saturday morning without a voice. 

By mid-day I could talk a little. 

It was the day of the wedding reception and it was rainy, windy, cold, and miserable looking outside. Everett watched Toy Story again while we got ready for the reception and packed. After Breckie's nap we went to help finish setting up. 

Brianna chose a shabby chic theme and the decor was awesome. 

It was pretty awesome. Even the bathrooms were decorated. 

They had 4 different kinds of soup, bread sticks, and Olive Garden salad and plenty of desserts. 

(Jake's sister Megan) 

The wedding reception was great and it was nice to see so many of Jake's relatives. I felt bad that I wasn't very talkative but it hurt so bad to talk and my voice was all raspy and quiet anyways. I'm sure I got sick from travel + SUGAR + zero sleep. 

After the reception we spent hours taking it all down and packing up. Everett was GREAT and played with one of Michael's younger brothers. We got home so late and then Everett sat on the couch and played with a Barbie while we got ready for bed. Jake and I laughed... he must have gotten the idea to play with the Barbie from Toy Story. 

The next morning we had to get up early to catch our flight. I honestly don't even know how we're alive. 

Here are a few things that I know for sure from this trip: 
#1. Breckie's bum was NOT made for Luvs diapers
#2 Breckie does not take a pacifier. Ever
#3 Washington in BEAUTIFUL but still wet and grey
#4 Traveling with kids is not my favorite thing
#5 It was GREAT to see family and friends 

In the past, I've cried as we've flown out of the SEA TAC airport. I've cried because above that thick blanket of grey clouds is a gorgeous blue sky and the sun. But all you ever see from the ground is grey sky. I didn't cry as we flew home yesterday. Because I knew I was going home. Home where the sun shines everyday without a blanket of grey clouds to burn though. 

Home, where we have a giant hole in the ground instead of a giant mountain. 

Home, where you can see for miles and miles and miles. And where the sun shines. In fact, the very first thing I did when we got home was put my bathing suit on and lay in the sun. Seriously. It felt great. 

It was great to see Brianna and Michael get married and it was great to see family and friends and now it feels great to be home!