Sunday, November 17, 2013

These Are The Moments I Enjoy

I can't say I've enjoyed every. single. moment of motherhood, but I enjoy SO much of it.

(Like making cookies with Everett and picnics at the park.) 

I feel like we are scrambling to get Everett to school on time every day.... no matter what time we start getting ready. One day this last week I just had to put them in the car even though they weren't fed or dressed yet. They both ate on the way to school and then I changed Everett real quick in the parking lot. It wasn't my finest hour but we got to school on time with full tummies and clean clothes. 

Breckie and I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and I realized that I forgot to grab shorts for her... so we put on Everett's dirty shorts! She rocks anything she wears so it wasn't a big deal :)

Everett was such a high maintenance baby and toddler and every moment he was awake we were playing together or out on some adventure. So I'm used to not getting anything done while my kids are awake. I play with them constantly. They make me laugh so often and of course they make me frustrated sometimes, too. 

The other day we were playing outside with the chalk and we ended up getting a little out of control :)

Oh Everett. I love him so much. He changes everyday. 

Breckie adores Everett and I think Everett adores her just as much. Everyday after school he runs out and yells "mommy!" and gives me a big hug and holds my hand while we walk to the car. He ALWAYS jumps off the curb and as soon as we get to the car he asks, "Baby Breckie awake?" 

And if she's awake he always exclaims, "HI Baby Breckie! You're awake!" and sometimes he even gives her a kiss. It's adorable. (I leave her in the (locked) car because she is almost always sleeping and I'm gone for like half a second). 

One day on the way home from school we stopped and checked the mail. I realized that I got some of my neighbors mail so I walked across the street to give it to her and on the way back I could hear laughing coming out of the car. And this is what I found: (along with many other great home videos!!)

Video 1- Breckie taking a brother love like a champ!
Video 2- Chasing Everett. Breckies favorite game
Video 3- Breckie growling. You might have to turn it up
Video 4- Everett singing "Old McDonald"
Video 5- Breckie laughing at me saying her name

I love these two with all my heart and some parts of me wish they could stay this little forever. I adore them just the way they are!

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