Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day 5K

A family in our neighborhood put on a little Veteran's Day program this morning. It was cute. 

There were little kids with drums, games, stories, songs, a flag ceremony, and then we unfolded a giant flag. 

I didn't realize until now, but my shadow kind-of looks like the Statue of Liberty holding a baby in the first picture :)

After that we had a 5K race and then breakfast. I finished second which made me feel pretty good considering I haven't been running in at least a month. I probably shouldn't tell you that there were only 5 people brave enough to do the 5K! Everyone else ran the mile. So second place isn't really something to brag about.

But I was only 5 seconds behind first place AND I pushed both kids in the stroller the entire way... that's like 70 lbs! Oh, and I had to stop to readjust Breckie.

A few days ago Jake signed up to do a 10K Thanksgiving morning and he told me that I might have to run it for him since he hasn't been running in... hmmm... like 9 months!!


I'm glad our neighbors put on this Veteran's Day program and run because it was a great way to remember all of the sacrifices that are made for our country and freedoms. 

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