Thursday, December 12, 2013

9 Months... Meat Breckie

I've had it in my mind that Breckie's been 9 months for a long time. But now she really is. 

She's been on the move for a while now and it is SO hard to keep her still for a non-blurry, beautiful picture. I gave up on the monthly picture with Everett's giant elephant last month and decided to just try and capture some of her personality. 

I've had the same camera for 4 years and I'm still trying to figure out how to take good pictures in manual mode... everyone swears by it but there are just so many settings! So I practiced on her stuffed bunny first. 

(Too bad the best picture is blurry... but it's actually kind-of cute like that)

I made that little romper out of the fabric covering her changing pad. We haven't used the changing pad in forever because before you even lay her down to change a diaper she's already rolling over and trying to get away. Changing her diaper is like trying to rope a calf or something. 

Getting her dressed or wiping her face are pretty comparable to the amount of effort we have to put into keeping her clean and dry. She's a wild one.

She's been covered in drool and boogers for at least a week now. She's been getting her 4 top teeth. They were all poking through and then the two on the left side blistered and then receded. So she hasn't really been a happy camper lately. 

She's been fighting her naps and bed time like a ninja. 

She LOVES LOVES LOVES her daddy and big brother. In fact, her first word was 'dada' just last week. 

She also loves her milk. Really loves is. But she hates laying down so she'll drink it sitting up. She's also enjoyed a few baths here and there. I swear Everett lived in the bathtub at this age... but Breckie just goes for the occasional dip. 

She really loves to climb the stairs and chase me around the house and then climb up my leg and cry until I pick her up. And then as soon as I pick her up she squirms and wiggles and does backbends until I put her down... and we repeat this all day. 

She likes the park and crawling around in the sand. She'll do a bear crawl if she doesn't have pants on. Smart girl. 

She's starting to cry when I feed her something she doesn't like. But she cries about everything. Seriously. She even cries when I put her in the stroller. She's been a girl for forever, but she's really starting to turn into a little girl; if you know what I mean. She's not a tough kid. She doesn't 'take it like a man' at all. But back to food... I don't think she's very fond of bananas and she LOVES 'applesaucey stuff (applesauce and blueberries, applesauce and prunes, etc.)

She's eaten purred meats in the past but now she just wants the real deal. Give the girl some bacon!

Or some steak!

And she LOVES ham. 

She also loves chocolate cookie dough... straight from the spatula. She licked that thing clean. I didn't even have to wash it! (JK!!)

Even though this stage in her development is hard for me (fighting naps, whine-crying SO much, crawling up my leg, falling down and crying MORE, teething...) I still have to say that she is such a sweetheart. 

Just today she snuggled with me and even put her head down on my shoulder. Sweet, sweet girl.

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  1. These pics are soooooo cute! That outfit is adorable. And I love that look of satisfaction on her face after she licked that spoon clean haha. Seriously I love that picture set up so much!