Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas was a lot of fun this year. 

The crafts and the decorating and the cookies, parties, lights and the movies and the stories of Santa and  birth of Jesus Christ.... it's all just so much more fun with your 3-year-old. It'll be even better when Breckie is 3 and Everett is 6!

Here are the rest of this years highlights:

Decorating the tree. It seems like each year I love our tree decorations more and more. I loved it this year. 

Breckie got a stocking....

And Everett got a new ornament.

Jake's parents gave him a new ornament every year when he was a kid and Everett LOVED playing with them. I think I had to hot glue every single one of them back together because he played with them so much!

Everett came home with all kinds of goodies from his last day at Mrs. Tanya's. They even had a day when they went Christmas shopping... he came home with a gift wrapped for each of us. 

We had fun checking the mail hoping to get Christmas cards!

Last night we stayed up late and watched Elf.

This morning we came downstairs to find that Santa had come, ate our cookies, drank some milk, and left some presents under the tree for two very special little kids!

Santa brought this sweet little boy what he had been asking for...

(Such a sweet big brother!)

Santa brought him his helicopter!  

(That is the best face a parent could see on Christmas morning!)

Breckie opened a few gifts...

I got some socks...

Everett got a few cars and a plane...

Everett's old cars are meeting his new cars :) So cute!

Everett isn't the only adorable one in the family... check out Breckie opening her present. Priceless!

Everett got some Hotwheels...

new pajamas...

And the movie Planes.

Jake and I weren't going to give each other anything but IOU's this year but a few weeks ago he said he wanted a big, soft blanket so I couldn't help but get him a real gift. Lol, and Everett bought me glitz hair bands from his preschool shopping day! (And he bought Jake some Jordash cologne!!)

I think both kids were equally excited about their new Planes table and chairs. So adorable!

Breckie was pounding on her new piano like a boss... love her!!

Everett made us some cool stuff from Mrs. Stacy's... 

And Jake got me some cool workout equipment for the garage. Totally stoked. (side note- I had a goal to be able to do 5 pull-ups by Christmas... I got to 3.5. I'm pretty happy with it since I couldn't even do one two weeks ago. Whoop whoop!)

(I had to wear my special Christmas shirt from Christmases past... and Breckie's just chillin' like the amazing girl that she is! I feel bad for saying that she was so rotten a few weeks ago. Turns out she was sick at her 9 month check-up and a dose of antibiotics fixed her right up!)

(Dinosaurs from Lucy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!!!)

It was really fun opening up presents this morning. We didn't even buy our kids gifts this year... with each gift they opened we said this is from: Papa, Kelly, Grandma and Grandpa from Washington,  Grammy and Papa from Colorado, or Aunt Tana and Aunt Lucy from Portland....

(Everett got a little carried away with opening gifts... he pushed Breckie away and got into a little trouble.)

This afternoon we took the kids to play at the outdoor mall and see Frozen.

Jake made some Christmas French dip sandwiches and I made some spicy butternut soup. Everett played cars all afternoon and Breckie went to bed. 

(Everett wanted me to take this picture and put it on here!)

When it was time for Everett to go to bed he snuggled up in his new Cars pajamas and read Christmas stories with Dad. 

It's always kind-of sad to be done with Christmas. But we always enjoy it and try to keep the Spirit of Christ in our lives all year. 


  1. Your family is so darn cute :) And you look AH-MAZING!!! Happy Christmas!!!