Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Parade

There was a Christmas parade in town on Saturday and Jake was working so (very) last minute I decided to take the kids. 

Very last minute.

Like we were running to get to the street side. 

But we made it and it was pretty cute. There were lots and lots of boy scouts and horses and several dance teams. My favorite was the soccer ball snowman. 

Everett's favorites were the hell-e-top-ter and the 4-wheelers. 

Oh, and the bus was pretty cool. 

Breckie loved the princesses and all of the dancers. Just kidding. She's been such a monster lately; I'm not sure she loves anything. At all. 

It was fun though. Everett got handed a shirt from "The Barn" (indoor soccer complex)... too bad it's a double XL!

After the parade we went to Target and Everett picked out his yearly Christmas ornament and I got Breckie a stocking.... although it might just hang from our windowsill empty all Christmas season... or maybe it will just fill up with a bunch of coal. 

She's getting what she asked for for Christmas though.... FOUR front teeth! Which explained her naughtiness. It's been awful. 


  1. Miles has his four front teeth. And it was miserable. Still is some days cuz I swear he is getting #'s 5, 6, 7, and 8 too. He and Breckie would get along... she can be grumpy and crawl everywhere, and he will cry and roll after her. Sound good?!

  2. Aw how fun! I always love parades. We always are busy during the one at P-town though. Am I crazy or is that dance team's outfits seem a bit hoochie for their age? (I must be a mother with that thought)