Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Party @ Mrs. Stacy's

Everett LOVES Mrs. Stacy... she's one of his preschool teachers.  

Yesterday they had their Christmas party. They got to bring treats, wear their pajamas, and bring a blanket and pillow... because they made Christmas crafts and then read and watched The Polar Express. Everett was so excited for his party. 

When I went to pick him up, he was still sitting at Mrs. Stacy's kitchen table sipping his hot chocolate. I don't think we've ever given him hot chocolate so he was loving it! 

He was loving it so much that he brought it home and finished it in the car. That's one cute hot chocolate mustache!

That night we took Everett to see the temple lights. But before that we went to Cafe Rio and Everett drank a gallon of horchata so he was kind-of wild and then had to pee a whole bunch. 

Breckie was there too. She had her first taste of horchata and almost tackled Jake for a second taste. 

Everett loved the lights though. A bunch of Oooooh's and Aaaaah's and "lookie there's" came out of his mouth. Totally cute. 

Everett wanted to go inside but we told him that he had to be twelve. I'm really excited to take him to the Gilbert temple open house in a few weeks. He'll love it. So will I!

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