Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Party & Temple Lights

Jake and I thought about skipping his work party on Saturday night but then we'd though it was a good idea just to go. I packed extra clothes in case we wanted to leave early. 

Let's just say we're glad we brought extra clothes :)

It wasn't terrible. In fact, here are the highlights:
I had at least 6 JUMBO cocktail shrimp, a fried macaroni and cheese ball, a shrimp skewer, and 8 mini desserts. We sat right next to the dessert table. That's stratigity if you know what I mean! 

There was some sort of roast beef something-or-other but it was pretty much a huge hunk of beef cut straight from the cow. I swear it was still mooing. 

So we had appetizers and desserts while everyone else drank cocktails and gambled. We hit up the photo booth on the way out. Best thing ever. 

Haha, we couldn't get enough. I can't stop laughing at some of Jake's faces! Definitely made the party worth it.

 After that we snuck out and went to see the Mesa temple lights. So cool. Hopefully we can take Everett and Breckie to see them soon. 

Turned out to be quite the fun night. My date is kind-of a crack up and always makes everything more fun!

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