Sunday, December 29, 2013

Good And Handsome

Everett looked mighty handsome today before church so I had no choice but to take a few million pictures.

Oh my gosh do I love this kid! I mean... just look at this little personality:

I'm not sure if I could love these pictures any more!

Of course I bribed him with candy.... this was the happy expression I got after he tried a white chocolate peppermint kiss!

And then, when we were done, he hoped off his chair and did a little dance! Seriously!

Everett is such a special little kid. He makes me smile from ear to ear and I feel like there is no way I could possible love him any more... but I know I will. 

He is 3.5 now. The other day I was thinking about him turning 4 and I legitimately felt sad. I kind-of don't want him to grow up. 

But he will so I won't be sad... I'll just love every second of it!

At 3.5 Everett loves school, his teachers, Cars and Planes, movies and cookies. 

He has never called Breckie anything other than "Baby Breckie" and I adore that. I hope he calls her "Baby Breckie" when she's 5. 

He hardly ever eats his dinner. 

Doesn't sleep in his own bed past 2 am. 

Is kind, caring, sweet, nice, adorable, loving and just a good, good kid!

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