Monday, December 2, 2013

Hiking The San Tan

Last Saturday we went on a hike. 

There are lots of trails... all bike, stroller, hiker, horse friendly. We brought the double stroller because Everett has a limp from a playground wound but Jake ended up carrying Brecks most of the way. It was pretty, easy, 70 degrees, and 100% enjoyable.

I can't wait to come back with my bike. I might even ride it to the mountain and then all over the mountain and then back home!

(Breckie and her fishy lips... and her grandma jogging suit!!) 

The route we took was almost exactly 2 miles. Ideal for us. Hopefully we'll be back soon because this is the time to get out and do stuff... pretty soon it'll be Summer again and we'll wish we had a pool instead of grass!

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