Monday, December 23, 2013

The Weekend Before Christmas

On Saturday Jake make tons and tons of cookies to give out to some of his clients. 35 plates in all. 

He made them 100% by himself... well, if you don't count the help he received from Everett :)

That night we had our friends over for dinner and s'mores and then Santa pulled up in a fire truck and had a sack full of toys to give to kids in our neighborhood. Everett started crying and said he wanted his helicopter back!! (He asked Santa for a helicopter for Christmas)

On Sunday Jake gave a wonderful talk in church about keeping Christ in Christmas. His talk was really great and the choir was AMAZING and our neighbor gave an incredible talk and it was just a good, good Sunday. So good. 

Then we had the missionaries over for dinner that night. Whew! Dinner parties three nights in a row. Life is so full. So great!

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