Friday, December 13, 2013

This Years Gingerbread

Everett is my little baking boy and he loves to help make cookies... and anything else sweet. I swear he is a mini-me. I happen to love it!

On Monday I made gingerbread dough and then that night I rolled it out and cut a house out of the dough. Jake and I cut some cookies out for Everett to decorate the next day. 

In the morning he was so exited to decorate them but I told him we had to wait until after school. He has never gotten ready for school so well and so fast!

As soon as he got home he was ready to decorate them.

He made a snowman and I made a tree. And then we ate them!

Then as soon as I frosted his house and handed it to him he took a bite! I told him he had to decorate it first, lol!

Pretty cute house, if you ask me.

Everett is so cute. I'm SO glad he's into stuff like this right now, I love it.

The gingerbread house pieces sat on the counter for a few days until I could make it. We don't have any time these days! Jake worked late last night so I stayed up and decorated the house by myself. I didn't mind one bit... I didn't have to share any of the candy :)

I didn't mean for it to look like a doghouse church but it kind-of does!

Oh well, I think it's a step above years past:



Looking back on these pictures I'm feeling really bad that Jake didn't decorate a house. But he got to make this custom cookie so I guess I don't feel too bad...

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