Sunday, January 12, 2014

10 Months… Tickle Her

In two months we'll be celebrating Breckie's first birthday.

It's kind-of hard to believe. 

It goes by WAAAAAAAY faster the second time around, that's for sure. 

Or maybe it's just because Breckie is 100% sweetness… 100% sweetness who LOVES her Daddy!

She still loves meat. Like, A LOT. Doesn't really like purees anymore unless it's sweet potatoes. 
She wants people food… not baby food :) 

She likes to play with Everett's toys ONLY when he's watching. When he's not watching it isn't fun anymore. 

She still doesn't have much hair but it's growing!

She has 4 teeth on the top, 3 on the bottom and the 4th is on it's way.

She likes to stand but doesn't take any steps on her own yet. She'll practically start running once your grab her hands and help guide her. 

She likes to drink her bottles sitting up. Crazy girl. 

I almost don't want to admit how much she sleeps… but some days she's only awake for 8-10 hours. She goes to bed at 5:30 and wakes up around 8. 

For most of this last month she was sick which wasn't anyones favorite. One day on the way to preschool she was crying so bad I thought she was going to pass out. Everett starting yelling at her to stop crying :( It was awful. 

But now she's better and back to being Breckie. 

She likes to crawl after me and then climb up my leg. ALWAYS when I'm cooking dinner. 

She's been sleeping through the night pretty good lately.

And one thing everyone says when they see Breckie is how beautiful she is and how big her eyes are. Then they usually say something about shotguns and what not... so that's when I introduce them to Everett; the best big brother this little baby girl could have!

Breckie is lucky to have Everett… and we're lucky to have them both!


  1. You got such good ones of her and Everett! She is adorable. Also, I'm so jealous of your blog whenever I look at it during the winter! All the sunshine makes me want winter to hurry up and be over! (also I had to write this twice for some reason so if you have two comments from me, blame it on my computer)

  2. Um, Holy cow. You have two stinking cute kiddos!!! I could just smooch on that Breckie all day long! Gah! I love it!

  3. She is precious! I love this post.