Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Backyard Progress

I planted a garden a few months ago. I planted the first one on Oct. 15th and the second one Nov. 1st. 

I think that the plants are still really small for how long they've been growing. But hey, I'm growing plants and it's Winter!

I think the peas are pretty much dead (they're crispy and bright green!) and the green beans aren't doing so hot… but the spinach and kale have been great, the carrots and onions look like they are growing fine (but they are roots so I can't really tell :) and I'm still waiting for the red & green cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and brusselsprouts to actually grow the part that we eat!

We still have lots of work to do in the back yard but it's much better than it was 3 months ago. It was just rocks with a big fire pit dug right in the middle. 

Maybe someday we'll even have a pool… but that's many years away. And since we won't have a pool this Summer we'll just do slip-n-slides, baby pools, or go to Colorado for weeks at a time! Until then, we'll be enjoying the sunshine and green grass… and maybe some tasty things from the garden. 

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