Friday, January 3, 2014

Biking In The New Year

2013 was a good year. Much better than 2012. 

But I think I was so focused on celebrating Jake's birthday the day before that I kind-of forgot that new years eve was the next day. It was just a normal day.... I took the kids for a bike ride...

... and we played (little hulk baby doin' her thing!)

... and some friends brought over cupcakes. 4 of them disappeared immediately after this picture!

Jake and I were going mountain biking again in the morning so Jake was learning how to tune up his bike via YouTube aaaaaallllllll night. He started at 6 pm and worked on it until 1:30 am!

We let Everett stay up just for fun but fell asleep at 10:20 on the couch playing with his cars while he watched the movie. 

I was so tired and got into bed at 11:40. Then I thought I better get up and celebrate the new year since it only happen once a year :)

So we stuck the air mattress in the yard and watched the neighbors fireworks while Jake munched on cheez-its. At midnight the neighbor boy ran outside and yelled "Happy new year everybody!" and Jake laughed and said that was him as a kid. I can totally see it!

The stars were bright were beautiful. (Only the north star was bright enough for the camera phone :)

The next morning we went mountain biking again.

-Although, I must note that Breckie got up at 4 am and wanted to play so her and Jake had a little rendezvous in the playroom until 7 am when she went down for her 'morning' nap.-

We went on the same trail as last time but added in a few trails along the way. You could see the leftover firework smog from a few hours earlier...

It's so pretty out there. I wanted to stop and take a million pictures but it just ruins your bike ride to stop so often. 

(Alive and dead)

Jake wore his Go Pro on his helmet and got all kinds of awesome videos. My favorite video is a 2.5 minute accidental video of us racing uphill and you can hear him panting! BUT for running on just a few hours of sleep, he totally kicked my butt. 

We decided to go on one trail (and found that cool little baby cove) but the trail was SO sandy that we had to turn around. We found another trail that takes you up to the top of the mountain and you can see the entire valley (and the new Gilbert temple). It's breathtaking... but we forgot to take a picture. 

We had a great time just the two of us. 

I'm so grateful for my health, my husband, my babies, and everything else that makes my life so wonderful. Hopefully 2014 is just as good as 2013!

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