Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cute Little Vintage Golf Cart

Once there was a man who wanted something… so he bought it.

I married that man. 

Last January Jake got this genius idea to buy a golf cart. You know, it'd be fun to have. We'd take the kids for rides around the neighborhood and to the park or to the pool. I'd be great!

So Jake looks on craigslist, does a little research on the internet, and then hours later buys this little beauty!

Oh my gosh, the cutest golf cart in the world, right?! So cute. It was like love at first sight. 

Haha, but then we sold it less than a month later because it took up too much space in the garage… and it was old so we had to charge the batteries too much and the batteries are super expensive… thankfully we sold it no problem… so it's almost like it didn't even happen. 

(I just thought I'd share the story of this cute little golf cart because if I didn't the picture and story would we lost forever. And we named it… but I just can't remember it anymore!)


  1. My aunt lives in a retirement community in FL and they have mardi gras parades each year with their carts where they all dress the carts and themselves up. On every day bases they go all out too though, flame decals, off-road is so funny!

  2. Wow! Your golf cart is so beautiful! Too bad it had to be sold. But it’s a good idea that you captured its beauty before letting it go. At least, there will be a reminder that you once owned that cute little caddy car.

    Jay Stewart