Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our New House- Greatroom

We've lived in our house for 7 months already and I haven't even posted any pictures (besides the kids' rooms). 

Our living room has a fantastically huge two story ceiling so I needed something big for the wall but I'm kind-of in a competition with myself to spend little or no money on the decorations. I just wanted to use as much stuff as I already had to decorate this house. So this giant collage wall only cost us $20. 

$5 on black spray paint and $15 to print pictures. 

I made the white ruffle curtains a few months ago and wish I would have made them sooner. They are awesome and are made out of $1.50/yd fabric. 

Behind the living room is the kitchen. 

It's huge and amazing and wonderful and it holds everything and then some. 

(This is NOT a good picture of the cabinet color… the other picture is accurate but this one shows more of the kitchen.)

We made a GIANT (4x5ft) chalkboard for the hallway/entryway… $10 for paint and we had everything else. 

(fancy tile in the entryway)

A friend gave us a bunch of barn wood so that's why we have wood just laying around. Jake made me a little herb box and Everett planted Basil for me. And it looks like he's got a green thumb!

I added some bling to the flour containers with the left over chalkboard paint. 

I'll show more projects as I complete them. I'm taking my time though. We have plenty of years to finish decorating… and plenty of bare walls left. 

You're probably thinking that we're billionaires living in such a fancy house like this but it cost EXACTLY the same as the house we remodeled in WA. Exactly. Down to the penny. And it's EXACTLY twice the square footage and we haven't remodeled a single thing in this house!

So we're not billionaires. Not even close, just lucky I guess. 

Sometimes I think of our remodeled house and wish we could dig it up, move it to AZ, and then make it grow. But we can't so I'll just look through old pictures and look at how beautiful it was. It was quite the adventure. I would NEVER EVER want to re-live those crazy 9 months we called that house home but the pictures are fun to look at. And it's kind-of sad to think that we only lived in it done and finished for a month before we secretly sold it and moved out. 

In case you want to reminisce with me…

Plus there was the back deck I repainted and the giant tree in the front yard we removed and the grass we replanted and and and… we did so much work on that house and it was ours

But now we have a different, beautiful house to make ours.

But look at that white kitchen!!!!

Okay, I'm over it…

Wait. No I'm not!


  1. Is your house ever a mess? Seriously????? Is it always this clean???? Ahhhhhhh you're amazing!

  2. Love the new house! You have a great talent for decorating.
    And I completely understand... I miss my old house too... a lot... more than I should. :(