Saturday, January 4, 2014


Ever since we've lived in AZ my calling in church as been a ward family history specialist.

At first I just didn't really get family history and how you find new people.

But then I figured it out (recently) and I've kind-of been addicted.

Addicted... like staying up all night searching names and finding new (extended) family members.

It's so exciting and there is most definitely a special spirit about doing family research.

Last year my Grandma sent me this picture of my Grandpa from 1926.

He passed away new years day 2008 so it just seemed right to take the picture out and smile at how adorable he was.

I uploaded it to my family tree and can't wait to find more pictures of my ancestors.

I'm kind-of turning into a nerd about it... but it's just so cool to know who your ancestors are and know their stories... and to know your past!

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