Thursday, January 23, 2014

Turtle Turtle

Meet my three best friends. 

There is a new burger and custard place just down the street from us so we checked it out the other day. The burgers…. not good. The custard… more please!

Which is perfect for all of the many hot months to come. 

Anyways, that time we checked it out, we ordered a large turtle sundae and I could have eaten the entire thing by myself… and then ordered another large… for myself. 

It was my first "turtle" experience and I'm wondering why?!?!? Most delicious flavors ever! 

Then it was Jake's birthday and I bought these for cheesecake toppings and now I just eat them like this. Straight from the fridge. 

I dip my spoon in the hot (cold) fudge, then the caramel and then in the pecans. Over and over and over until I force myself to screw the lids on and put the jars back in the fridge. 

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to add in a few more workouts just because of this!!

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  1. Let me tell you about Heath bar cake. Put 8 Heath bars in the freezer. Bake a German chocolate cake and cool. Poke holes in it,-- I just drag a fork through it to break it up. Pour a whole can of sweetened condensed milk on top, evenly. Then pour a whole jar of caramel ice cream topping on top that, evenly. Put your heath bars in a zip lock bag and smash up with a rolling pin, coffee cup, whatever and sprinkle on top the cake, reserving a half cup or so of the crushed candy. Spread cool whip on top of the whole thing, sprinkle the rest of the candy over that and cover with plastic wrap. Put in fridge over night. (the candy on top keeps the plastic from sticking so bad to the cool whip) Serve the next day, or like we do, eat directly out of the pan. This is a very sinful dessert and you will have to have more than you think! Enjoy.