Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Lot Of Love… Valentine's Day 2014

Valentines Day was pretty epic this year. We had a party. AND Everett had a party at each preschool.

That's a lot of love. 

His first party was on Wednesday at Mrs. Stacy's.

We made heart shaped valentines filled with candy...

and heart shaped no bakes for his party. 

He brought home some valentines crafts...

… and a bag full of valentines. 

Friday morning we had our party. I took two pictures. Bummer. I didn't even get a picture of the invite… just the envelopes. 

The party was so cute though. 

We decorated valentine cans (empty formula cans) and passed out valentines to each other. I don't know how I failed to get a picture of the valentines we made (or all of the decorated cans!). They were SOOOOOOOOO cute. I'm seriously bummed I didn't get a picture of them. Everett loved making them, too. 

We decorated sugar cookies:

And had a photo booth:

It was so cute. Such a fun party. Somehow Everett ended up with double of everything!

Right after that Everett had school. Breckie and I came home and decorated the rest of the sugar cookies: 

And while I was doing dishes I looked just in time to see this:

She took the plastic wrap off of the tray of cookies and helped herself to one. Such a funny girl!

Everett had his party at school and came home with all kinds of treasures and crafts.

Since Jake broke Everett's scooter, he got a new one for Everett for valentines day… and he got me one too! I've been wanting a scooter just like Everett's for SO LONG and Jake totally got me one. I was so excited!

My family came to visit and to see the Gilbert temple open house so we had pasole with them on valentines night. It was good times!

We've been so busy that he hasn't even opened any on his valentines yet. Maybe it's better that way… so I can look through and eat all the good candy :)

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