Saturday, February 22, 2014

Canyon Lake

Monday, President's Day, we went to the lake with the Smiths. 

The Smiths are cool. Totally cool. They moved from Portland in June and they hate AZ. For real. They wanted to be in the rain. They liked it (weird) and they grudgingly moved to AZ for their job. But they're making the best of it by making friends with us :)

They invited us to the lake for an afternoon of hearing Everett laugh and giggle at anything Jagger does, fishing, tin foil dinners, and peach cobbler. 

It was perfect.

(Nicole is a photographer and so we talked about how she wants to start getting into live birth photography and it reminded me of our delivery nurse (Kevin) and how he took pictures for us when Breckie was being born and how they are priceless.)

Breckie loved playing in the sand and wanted to get right in and swim. 

At dusk we went fishing. 

Apparently I don't know how to fish. I couldn't get Everett's line in the water and just kept getting all tangled in it. Then Jake showed me how and I threw it out way too far… into the cattails. Then, the very next cast, I accidentally threw his entire pole into the water. 

So the only thing we caught that night was a fishing pole :) Luckily Jake and Alma pulled it out of the water for me. 

(Alma built a cool little swing out of rope someone left.)

What a fun day. I have a feeling we'll be doing it again someday real soon!

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