Saturday, February 1, 2014


I've known that Breckie has been/was going to be a girl for about a year and a half but lately I've just been so excited about all of the girl stuff we get to do with her. 

Dance class, dolls, barbies, bows and sparkly things…. if she's into those thing, of course. 

Our neighbors have been inviting us over for the last few football games and they have 3 girls. Breckie found one of their little fairy dolls and wouldn't put it down. She would look at it straight in the face and then wave it around in the air and watch it's sparkly purple hair. It was really cute. (I think this is what sparked my sudden excitement that we have a girl!)

So the other day I took her to Target to check out the doll aisles. 

She likes to look at them right in the eyes!

I still have a cabbage patch doll from when I was a kid and showed it to her the other day. She got really nervous whenever I made it move… so as long as it doesn't move she likes it. 

It seems like she prefers the smaller dolls. 

Perhaps I will get her a barbie for her birthday :)

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  1. Every Christmas and every birthday my girls get a Barbie. I absolutely LOVE all the pink and sparkly things for girls. When you walk in my house it's like a pink and purple explosion. I love love love the way little girls take care of their baby dolls. It's the sweetest thing ever. Hopefully little Breckie loves dolls as much as my Brookie does. There's rarely a moment she's without one. Girls are the best!!!