Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Family Visit

My family came to visit from CO for the weekend. They got here Friday afternoon and we just hung out in the backyard and on the porch swing. Everett had a blast with Effie and Braxton. 

We rode our new scooters to the park and Everett wiped out pretty bad. He's got a big 'owie' on his elbow but (thanks to Jake) he was wearing his helmet. 

Saturday morning the boys went fishing and the girls went to check out Schnepf Farms. We got to see baby goats:

And a  HUUUUGE cow. 

 We picked some broccoli, brussel sprouts, and radishes from the u-pick garden and walked around the country store. 

We had some delicious baked goods… giant carmel pecan cinnamon roll, giant orange-cranberry muffin, a giant chocolate chip pecan cookie, and then we went back for a giant peach muffin. They were all so good and I imagine I will take Everett for a Mom/Son date soon! He'll love me forever!

Saturday afternoon we all went to the Gilbert temple open house and then we went out to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. 

Sunday morning (since we have 2 pm church now) I took their family pictures and some senior pictures for Effie. 

We also took Everett to see the petting zoo since he missed it Saturday.

I never like petting zoo's as a kid. I liked the "looking zoo's" instead and Everett is the same way:

At least we got him to smile next to an animal :)

Jake pointed out that the goats have rectangular pupils. Weird. 

After church we had this fantastic Cajun boil that my mom made. IT WAS SO GOOD. 

Sunday evening I taught my mom how to use the family search website ( and I made a copy of the pedigree chart she had. I'm totally getting nerdy about family history. I love it. 

Then Monday morning they packed up and headed for home. 

I'm so glad they came to visit. Everett was about to burst into tears when they left. But maybe they'll be back for Spring break!

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  1. You are a spitting image of your mom-- in some pictures I had to do a double take to see if it was you or her!