Monday, February 24, 2014

Funny, Stinky Valentine

I think I left out small detail (in my un-broken elbow post)… I was feeling awful and sick on top of being broken, poor, and sad. 

It was a #nothankyou kind of a weekend. 

I was sick, runny nose, headache, sneezy x's 1,000… you know what I mean.

But not everything was awful. 

On Sunday, we were hanging out on the porch swing (while Jake was at church teaching… Everett has been boogery too so he stayed home with us) and I was just sick and miserable and couldn't really move. Everett kept wanting stuff so I finally got smart and told him to go and get his Valentines and open them!

They each had like 12 suckers… and then Everett found the whoopee cushion from Cash!

My life was then complete… and so was his :)

Breckie enjoyed the whole experience just as much as we did:

I don't even want to know what my life would be like without these kids! Having a young family is so much work but SO worth it. The joy outweighs everything else… especially when there's a whoopee cushion involved!

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