Friday, February 21, 2014

Gilbert Temple

The Gilbert temple had it's open house Jan 18th-Feb 15th. 

We went three times. 

First we went with my Dad and Kelly the first Friday it was open. It was absolutely incredible. I was blown away with the beauty, detail, and spirit inside. So was everyone else. This temple is special. They all are, but this one is especially special.

We went again last Wednesday with Jake's office manager, her mom, and her mom's significant other. It took about an hour longer than the first time because there were so many people but they loved it. They were so excited to see the inside. It's breathtaking. 

We also went on Saturday with my family. The kids were so good every time. 

I'm SO glad we got to go. It really was such a special experience for all of us. And really, I love our family so much. I'm glad they're mine forever!

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