Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Very Expensive, Un-broken Elbow

This is a story about how I spent $2k on NOT breaking my elbow… or not breaking Breckie's face… or just bad luck… or maybe it's about good luck. I'm still trying to figure it out!

Last Christmas we bought Everett a scooter but he didn't know how to ride it… so I rode it a lot to show him how fun it would be… I was 25 extra pounds pregnant then but I still loved riding it. 

Eventually Everett learned how to ride it. And I was suddenly without a scooter :)

But Jake surprised me with one for Valentine's day and I was elated!

So Everett and I have been riding scooters a lot the last week. And it's been a blast. 

Friday afternoon we were riding… then I crashed.

It wouldn't' have crashed at all if I wasn't holding Breckie.

I know. 

You don't have to tell me twice. I know.

It was dumb, I know. 

We were just riding scooters in the driveway and Breckie was playing in the grass but there was a firetruck parked at the end of the street and Everett wanted to go check it out… so I scooped up Breckie in one arm and we rode to the end of the street. No big deal.

The firefighters were nice and let us check out the truck. 

I kept waiting for them to tell me that Everett needed a helmet or something. But they didn't. 

Then we rode back home. We were right in front of our house and my back wheel hit a rock and we went flying. 

I've re-lived it a hundred times. 

It happened in slow motion. 

As I was falling I turned so that Breckie wouldn't hit the pavement. My right hip, left knee, and right elbow saved her face… which, of course, I couldn't be more grateful for.

I hobbled inside, put her down, and realized that I couldn't bend my elbow more than 90 degrees and I definitely couldn't straighten it. 

Jake got home about 4 hours later (8 pm) and I was in bed icing my elbow while it swelled and Everett watched netflix and wiped his boogers on my arm.

It was getting worse and worse. 

My hand was swollen and I couldn't grasp anything without pain shooting up my arm. My forearm tingled and my hand was freezing. I couldn't bend my elbow at all.

Jake looked at it and said: "yeah, you're messed up. I think you broke it."

I looked up 'fractured elbows' online and called my nurse friend. She said I should definitely go to the emergency room. 

We got there at 10 pm. 

Everyone was super nice. The nurse said it looked like it was fractured and told me all about the brace I'd have to get and how much time it'd take to heal and that I'd have to do physical therapy. 

Everyone kept asking me what happened and I kept saying that I crashed on my scooter and every single person asked: "was it electric?"

They took x-rays. 

And then the finance lady came in and told us what we owed just for walking into the ER. 

I died. 

By 12:30 they told me that according to the x-rays my arm was fine. 


Oh, man.

I'm still trying to get over it. 

They put my arm in a sling and then we left. We left without any dollar bills in our savings account and a big, giant bill on it's way. I think I've cried more about that than the pain in my elbow. Actually, I know I have. 

Jake keeps telling me that this is exactly why we have money in our savings account… for emergencies. But this was the dumbest emergency and that's what makes me so mad. 

It will take me a while to get over. 

It took Jake a few months to get over the old lady that rear-ended us and then lied to her insurance company that we were backing up… and now we have a giant hole in our bumper and the insurance company is denying the claim because our stories conflict. 

BUT here is the positive side of my story:
Breckie is absolutely, 100% unhurt. She didn't even cry. 
My elbow isn't fractured.
It won't take as long to heal as it could have.

So, really, I have every reason to actually be happy… but I just wish I would have stayed home and saved thousands of dollars. 

So I'm mad and happy. And I guess this story is about good and bad luck...


  1. That really sucks, but... don't you have health insurance? One x-ray shouldn't set you back that much. I hope you can get reimbursed for your expenses. And I'm really glad that Breckie was OK and you too.

  2. You got off better than my best friend in Junior high- she broke both her arms on a scooter and needed assistance doing everything including showering (which is why I haven't been on a scooter since then lol)