Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Everett was sick for about 3 weeks in Jan/Feb. He goes to two preschools so he was just catching everything. He stayed home from school a lot and watched a lot of Rescue Bots on Netflix.
Sometimes Everett would convince us to let him watch Transformers "for big kids" (Transformers- the movie)

One day his temperature was even 103 and his lips were so dry that it looked like he'd been on a deserted island for 6 days.
And his breath smelled like something had died in there. 
So we took him to the doctor, got some antibiotics, and life is much better now. 

On Monday Jake took him to preschool. About an hour later Jake called because Everett was crying at school that he wanted to go home and Jake didn't know what to do. I told him to bribe him with cookies after school or something. 

He said he already tried that and hung up the phone. 
Next thing I know, Everett has "Opimus-Prime" from Rescue Bots. 
That was Jake's reward to Everett if he was brave and stayed at school. 

On Monday's Everett goes to both schools. Jake was going with Everett to his speech therapy school to talk to the kids about his job. So Everett played with his new toy on the way from one school to the next. Jake gets Everett unbuckled and Everett tells Jake that he doesn't want to go… and then he says:

"Go to Mrs. Tanya's and I get Heatwave?"

Haha, what a smart kid. 

No Heatwave… maybe after he sleeps in his own bed for a whole week :)

*But we all think that maybe two schools is too much. At first is wasn't but now it seems like Everett needs to only go to his speech therapy school.  

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